If you are looking for something personalized and uniqe, a one of a kind display model, you are in the right place!

We’re always open to discuss building something special for you,
a one of a kind project is what we do best.

Whether You like a model that you have seen in our gallery below or on our social media profiles such as Instagram @sp_lineup and you’d like to give it your own, personal twist...


You want to commission a build that is inspired by your own car or any other that you like...

We are here to make it happen!

Please take into consideration that although we will consider all requests, we will only take on projects that we believe that can be recreate well enough and that we are confident that they will match the quality of our existing work. Just as a standard kit, the custom one will include all the LEGO® bricks to build the model and a step-by-step digital PDF instruction manual sent to you by email. Custom kits for new models star usually at $259USD. The whole process of creating a single kit may take around 5 to 6 weeks unless stated otherwise.


First a digital design of the car is made. It usually takes me around one to two weeks. Then I make a few digital render images as sneak peeks.
Next I order all the lego parts needed for the kit. Once I get them (usually it takes around a week or two) I test-build the model to make sure that no part is missing and that everything works fine in the kit.
After that I make a photo shoot of the model and once done I disassemble it and I pack all the parts. Here’s an example of how a kit looks like:

Then I design the digital pdf instruction manual that I sent in an email once the kit is shipped.


The payment is done upfront through PayPal and it equals to placing the order.
If you’d like to place an order please send your PayPal email together with the information about the model you’d like, special requests if you have any and your shipping information so I can send an invoice with all the order details.
After the payment is done I add the order on my queue list as I usually already work on some kits thus I have to keep a priority list. Once I finish working on the previous commissions I then start the work on the kit accordingly to the order list.


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