Below  you’ll find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about our instructions, kits and custom builds. If you couldn’t find an answer you can use the Contact form to send us your question.

Question Cost explanation behind the custom kits / design work
AnswerThe prices of the kits are determined by the cost of the parts needed to make them, the development/design time and cost, and the time of labor to assemble them. The bricks needed for the models are bought on the open market like online parts shops for the market price. SP_LINEUP don’t have any special prices for the bricks for the kits. The final price of a kit also includes VAT tax, payment fees, packaging and shipping costs. 

The whole process of making a kit contains the design of a model that depending on the scale may take from 40 up to 100 hours of work. Then comes the ordering of the bricks which is time consuming as is the counting and sorting of the parts to make sure that no part is missing from your kit. As each kit is unique they all are TEST-BUILD before shipping to make sure that everything works as intended in the original design. Once TEST-BUILD is done then comes the photo shoot of the model as pictures are needed for the Digital STEP-BY-STEP instruction manual guide on how to build the model. Designing that instruction is also very time consuming as that’s what determine the building experience of the model. The last step is to carefully disassemble the model, pack all the individual parts and get your unique kit ready for shipping. SP_LINEUP always strive to faithfully recreate the vehicles or other reference material by which our models are inspired. All the extra time and care on all of the above steps results in some of the best custom LEGO brick build display model kits.
Our kits aren’t mass produced, they are limited in quantity and one of a kind product. Each of them made by hand, individually for order only.

Question How large are the models?
AnswerDepending on the model there are three main scales available:
STANDARD for a model at approximately 1:24-1:30 scale.
MEDIUM for a model at approximately 1:18-1:20 scale.
LARGE for a model at approximately 1:14-1:16 scale.

Question How many pieces they’re in a model?
AnswerDepending on the scale and the actual model the custom kits contain around:

250-650 pieces for models at approximately ~1:24-1:30 scale.
750-950 pieces for models at approximately ~1:18-1:20 scale.
1000-1400 pieces for models at approximately ~1:14-1:16 scale.

Please not that the parts count depends heavily on the model type and size and may vary from the ones listed above.

Question How long does the shipping takes for one of the custom kits?
AnswerAfter the process of the custom kit is finished and your kit is ready comes the time for shipping. The shipping of the SP_LINEUP custom kits is done through the Polish Post Service Priority Mail.  The approximate delivery time for Europe is at around ~1-2 weeks and for the USA, Canada and Australia is at around ~4-6 weeks.

The shipping for the above destinations via the Polish Post Service Priority Mail is included in the cost of a custom SP_LINEUP kit.

Question What is your return policy?
AnswerSP_LINEUP  instruction sales are final. No refunds on the digital PDF instruction manuals after purchase.  Please make up your mind and be sure on whether you’d like to purchase a Digital PDF instruction manual or KIT.  If you’re not sure whether you’d like to make a purchase of a digital PDF instruction manual there is a FREE of charge example that can be downloaded from the website.

SP_LINEUP  kits are strictly limited edition  items and may ONLY be returned and refunded if the packaging has NOT been  opened. Kits returned with missing elements and in damaged or open condition  will NOT be refund. No returns after 55 days from date of purchase. All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. If you are unsure whether or not a kit is right for you, we suggest starting with one of the cheaper models or with the stand alone Digital PDF instructions.


SP_LINEUP Commissions of custom LEGO brick build display model kits  may ONLY be returned if the packaging has NOT been  opened. Kits returned with missing elements and in damaged or open condition  will NOT be refund. No returns after 55 days from date of purchase. All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. PLEASE NOTE that the refund for a commission kit covers only the total cost of the bricks used for the kit and not the full amount. The bricks are only a fraction of the total cost of the commission kit. Due to the nature of this type of custom work the majority of the cost of the commission translates to many hours of labor which mostly consists of many design hours spend to recreate the model. This time spent on labor is not something that can be returned thus only the equivalent of the cost of the bricks used for the commission kit can be refunded. If you are unsure whether or not a commission kit is right for you, we suggest starting with one of the cheaper models available on the website or with the stand alone Digital PDF instructions.

Please note that the amount refunded from the payment of a custom KIT will be reduced by 5% transaction tax that PayPal applies for the payments that we receive. 

Question What methods of payment do you accept?
AnswerThe website is currently set up to accept electronic payments via Paypal.
Question For who are your instructions / kits meant for?
AnswerOur models are intended to faithfully reproduce the actual car  by which they are inspired.  Each kit is individually made for order by hand and makes for a great gift. They are intended as display models and are NOT meant to be played with as toys, or playthings for children as they are not as durable or playable as official LEGO sets. They are fragile and are meant ONLY as display models.
They are meant for adults and young adults over the age of 16. Orders for kits and custom made kits can be only placed by adults over the age of 18 years old.
Question What do i get with a kit ?
AnswerAll of the SP_LINEUP kits are DIY (do it yourself) models that you can build yourself following a detailed instruction manual. A custom kit comes fully boxed and includes all the parts that you need to build a accurate, realistic display model of a great vehicle that you can display in your space. The instruction for the model comes in a digital PDF form which is sent via email upon the kits arrival. 
Question How much will it cost to order the parts I need?
AnswerIf you just got yourself a STAND-ALONE, Digital PDF step-by-step INSTRUCTION and you don’t have all the parts needed for the model in your private collection you can always order them online at websites selling LEGO parts such as BrickLink.com.

The cost of parts needed for each of the cars/models for which instructions are provided on the website will vary by model, parts and time you purchase them. There are many variables that affect the cost of the parts thus SP_LINEUP can’t provide an accurate estimate on the cost of the bricks as that’s a subject susceptible to change. However, we suggest first seeing if you already own any of the pieces required before placing any orders at Bricklink or other sites/stores. The cost of pieces can vary based on the color, type and availability of each of the parts.

Question In what form the instructions for the models are available?
AnswerInstructions for our models come  in high quality, DIGITAL PDF file with a step-by-step process showing how each part is added, guiding the builder through the whole build. Each PDF comes with a complete parts list (bill of materials). Please note that by buying instructions you ONLY get a DIGITAL PDF file and NOT physical elements. 
Question Are your kits made from original Lego parts or other brands?
AnswerWe only use genuine LEGO parts. 99% of the parts we use are new. Sometimes we will include some good condition used parts in a kit. Some of the parts used in a kit may be rare and hard to find items, some of the parts used in the kits are out of production and only used parts can be found on the aftermarket. SP_LINEUP is the original designer of all instructions and set models shown on this website. 
Question Is SP_LINEUP associated with the LEGO company?
AnswerSP_LINEUP is not associated with The LEGO Group. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

All models and building instructions are our own work and although built using LEGO building bricks are in no way associated with, affiliated to or endorsed by The LEGO Group.

Question Do you have kits in stock?
AnswerThe SP_LINEUP kits are limited and exclusive. All of the kits with just some special exceptions are individually made for order thus there are no kits “in stock” as they are made all for order. When you order a kit on the SP_LINEUP website it is equal to a pre-order of the model. That means that after you place the order and pay for the kit then the whole process of making the kit starts. Your kit is individually made for you thus it takes some time until it’s finished.
Question Will you be bringing back out of stock instructions / kits again?
AnswerIf a set or instruction is out of stock but there’s a high demand for it we will try our best to restock it and make it available once again. If there is a particular kit or instruction that you like that is out of stock you can always message us through our Contact page and order it as a custom model / instruction. Such kit / instruction will be at a higher price than usual as it will be made exceptionally for you.
Question Do you take commisions for custom made instructions / kits?
AnswerI’m always open to discuss building something especially for you, a one of a kind project is what I do best. You will find more information on the page under „COMMISSIONS”. Feel free to reach out and talk about your ideas for your unique custom kit.
Question Can you make instructions/a kit, of my car/a car that i like?
AnswerYes, whether it’s a model from a post you have seen on SP_LINEUP Instagram profile or a commission inspired by your own car or your dream one. Please note that although we will consider all requests, we will only take on projects  that we believe that can be recreated well enough and that we are confident that they will match the quality of our existing work.